Introducing CapaOne Updater

15. december 2021
CapaOne Updater

by Lars Olsen, Consultant

Name some of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks that a desktop administrator or support team must deal with – I’ll bet you that updating third-party software is in the top ten – or even higher of those tasks.

The task of visiting each vendor’s website to investigate whether a new version is released or not can probably break even the most ambitious team members. There must be something more fun or important to do. If only the task of updating third-party software could be handed over to someone else or something else.

Introducing CapaOne Updater.

CapaOne Updater is one of the products in the CapaOne product family  available from CapaSystems.

With CapaOne Updater, you can assess the compliance of your computers in a single dashboard and observe the numbers of software packages installed during the last 7 days.

CapaOne Updater

From the dashboard, you can drill down to a single computer and force an update on that single computer, or you can select a software package and install it on a selection of machines or every machine.

CapaOne Updater

You not only have the option to update an application on a computer, but you can also choose to install it without it having been installed on the computer before with a complete live log of the installation process.

The CapaOne agent collects a lot of useful information from the computers – like what software is installed and hardware information like BIOS, Memory, TPM, Anti-Virus status, batteries, and operating system version. Almost every information collected by the agent can be used to filter and list computers based on these properties.

As an example, you could create a list of computers with these properties: The computer must be online, the name should start with PC, the Windows version is 21H1, the BIOS should be Hyper-V, and Google Chrome must be installed.

These criteria can be saved as a list and used as filters for updating software on your computers.

If a computer at any point meets the requirements above, the computer is joined in the list, and when those requirements are no longer met, the computer is removed from the list.

These filters can then be used to automate the distribution of software using workflows. Workflows are created using a simple wizard and a drag and drop style user interface.

You can schedule a workflow to run multiple times a day or on a reoccurring schedule or at any time you like. If you feel the need to push a schedule forward, you can override the schedule and run the workflow manually.

CapaOne Updater

With CapaOne Updater, the configuration possibilities should meet your every requirement. You can save time in your deployment team and start working on more exciting and valuable tasks for your company.

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